IgnitionSpeed Star Of The Show - Jeep Grand Wagoneer

 This year at the LA Auto Show, we continue our tradition of picking a "star of the show" that most impressed us.

After viewing over 100 vehicles, for the 2021 LA Automobility Show we have chosen the Jeep Grand Wagoneer as the most impressive offering by any automaker on site.

The Grand Wagoneer surprised us in many ways, with a 471 HP V8 that delivers that old American growl, 10,000 lb towing capacity, an interior that looks like it belongs in an S class Mercedes, and a starting price at $89,845, it made some of it's - much more expensive - competitors look like they were a step behind.

When stepping into the drivers seat the first thing that stands out are the 4 screens that cover the dashboard and control the many different tech features that are available in this vehicle. The second row was also optioned into a triple screen configuration to make sure the rear passengers aren't missing out on any media either. Lastly, the room in the 3rd row was ample for adults and quite spacious.

It was the little details that stood out to us, from the fine leather seating, to night vision assist, to a cooler in the center console to keep your drinks cold. Overall when testing out other SUVs at the show, it was the Grand Wagoneer that kept calling us back to it, and for that reason, it earns the IgnitionSpeed Star of the Show for 2021.

Check out the Video below for more details on our review of the Grand Wagoneer: