We will see 1000 horsepower cars at the dealer within 5 years

I am going to make a bold prediction today: We will be able to buy - for a reasonable amount of money - 1000 horsepower cars from a dealership within 5 years time. By 2022 any average Joe will be able to walk into their local dealership and with a quick stroke of a pen, drive off with an unimaginable amount power under their right foot.

Now before you call me crazy, hear me out. First off, when I say 1000 hp cars I'm not talking about Honda, Volkswagen, Toyota...I'm not even talking Audi, BMW, Mercedes, I'm talking about Chevy, Ford, and Dodge. Over the past 10 years these companies have taken their halo cars and made them batshit crazy. The candidates I think have a possibility of hitting those magic 4 figures are the Camaro ZL1, Mustang GT500, and Challenger SRT Hellcat.

Since I am not one for making bold predictions without backing it up with some data, let's take a moment to step back from being car enthusiasts for a few minutes and look at some raw numbers.


If we plot out american muscle over time we can clearly see the major jumps in horsepower that have taken place in the past 10 years. From the early 425 hp charger produced by SRT in 2006 to the 580 hp ZL1 transformer released in 2012, to the blazing 200 mph+  662 hp Mustang GT500 released in 2013, to the more recent Challenger Hellcat released in 2015 who's hp number has a previously unimaginable 7-- in front of it, we can see the tug of war the companies have had with horsepower gains for many years.

More recently we have seen the information release of the 2017 Camaro by Chevy which boasts 650 HP.

Taking it ever further we have heard from an inside source the 2018 GT500 is coming with 810 hp.

It turns out that if you plot out the horsepower trends into the future you can see that in 2022, within 5 years we should see Mustang release a 1000 horsepower car, with Chevy and SRT close behind. That's our future, and it will be here sooner than you think.

With this data I had a realization. The realization that the automotive market is going to split into two directions. I believe we will have the majority of the market that goes the self driving route where they can relax and let their car drive them to wherever they want to go, and there will be those like us with our 1000 hp cars blowing by the rest of the world at speeds unseen.