2013 Dodge Dart SRT4

The new 2013 Dodge Dart is the highly anticipated successor to the Dodge Neon. It is currently on sale with a base price of only $15,995 and is praised for its sleek and futuristic looking interior as well as its stylish and aggressive looks. The 2.0 Liter Tigershark 4-Cylinder engine makes 160 horsepower and gets a gas sipping 41 MPG; but with the extremely high MPG comes an embarrassing lack in performance. It takes the Dart a full 9.9 seconds to reach 60 miles an hour. For more performance you can opt for the R/T trim which will get you to 60 in around 8 seconds, but that is still embarrassingly slow. Such a great looking car inside and out should have better performance, and that is where the SRT4 comes in.

Dodge has confirmed that it will be giving the Dodge Dart the SRT treatment. SRT stands for Street Racing and Technology and is Dodge's performance brand. The last SRT4 was a trim for the Neon which Dodge stopped producing in 2005. This car made 265 horsepower and was an icon of 4-cylinder speed at the time. 8 years later Dodge is bringing the newly redesigned SRT4 engine back and it has a very big name to live up to. You can expect the new SRT4 engine to produce around 300 horsepower.

Another new feature we expect to come with the SRT4 is all-wheel drive. In the past, all SRT4s were front wheel drive. While all-wheel drive may increase the price to around $30k it would significantly improve this car’s performance, more specifically, its launch and 0 - 60 time.

Currently there are a couple different versions of the dart that you can buy: SE, SXT, RALLYE, LIMITED, and R/T; each raising the price slightly and coming with its own unique improvements. The limited and R/T versions come with a class exclusive 7-inch TFT reconfigurable display, while the lesser versions come with more standard items like a cloth interior; but at $16k you can't complain. The SRT4 version of this sedan would most likely follow upgrades that the previous versions had. These include: upgraded rims, air intake, dual chrome exhausts, and of course the iconic SRT interior trim.The SRT4 version will without doubt be the priciest of the bunch and will most likely cost somewhere around $28k.

People have been waiting a long time for Dodge’s new 4 cylinder compact sedan, specifically the SRT4. It will be coming out in 2013 and we can wait to see what it is packing.