Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 - Alpine and Vapor Edition

Recently, Jeep has come out with two new special editions for its priciest trim of the Grand Cherokee, the SRT8. The SRT8 is well known for its sheer power and use of brute force to achieve blistering acceleration. It uses the newly updated 6.4 Liter SRT8 engine which produces 470 horsepower and 465 lb-ft of torque and runs from 0 – 60 in 4.8 seconds with a top speed of 160 MPH. This Jeep can also pull off 0.90 g on the skid pad so the handling definitely wasn’t forgotten about either. Keep in mind; this is a 5,256 lb Jeep that is posting numbers close to that of a corvette.

At a starting price of $61,600 it comes with all of the amenities one might expect from a 60K+ car; LED daytime running lamps, 20 inch forged aluminum wheels, brembo brakes, 7.3 surround sound system, and a refined SRT styled Nappa leather interior. For a price of only $2,495 more, you can opt for the Alpine or Vapor editions. Each edition comes with slick 5 spoke gloss black wheels, badges, grills and a rear light bar along with some other appealing components. The Alpine edition comes in Bright White and the Vapor edition comes in Brilliant Black.

Opt in for the additional luxury package and you will get premium leather on the door trim panels, center console and instrument panels as well as adaptive cruise control, Forward Collision Warning, and a Blind spot Monitoring system. Add in a few more packages and this Jeep starts to match up more with the luxury of a Mercedes or BMW than what one would usually expect from a Jeep.

Another unique feature of this Jeep is that drivers can choose between 5 different dynamic modes for different driving conditions: Auto, Sport, Tow, Track, and Snow. So whether you’re off-roading, want a comfortable luxurious ride, or want to smoke a mustang at a stoplight, with this Jeep you can do it all, and that is what makes this one of the most unique vehicles on the road.