Thursday, August 30, 2012

Acura NSX - The Future is Already Here

Acura halted production of its iconic sports car the NSX back in 2005. It was known for its impressive handling and blistering speed. Now, Acura is bringing it back, and it looks better than ever.

The newly redesigned NSX will have a base price around $110,000 which is relatively cheap compared to the 300k+ Ferraris and Lamborghinis it is competing with. It is expected to have a 3.7 Liter V6 which would be accompanied by 3 electric motors. It will produce around 480 horsepower that boosts it to 60 in approximately 3 seconds. The NSX is also going to weigh a mere 3,100 lbs thanks to a high-tech platform made from ultra lightweight materials.

It is a mid-engine, two seat car that can operate either rear wheel drive or all wheel drive depending on which mode it is in. Acura claims that the all-wheel drive system will allow it to have super car acceleration as well as offering more efficiency. The low profile headlamps are LED based and there is currently no interior design plan for the concept yet, but we can expect something that matches the current elegant exterior.

One of the highly anticipated features that the NSX is rumored to have is a "Push-To-Pass" button. When pressed the Acura would send extra power from each of its 3 electric motors to in essence give the car a boost similar to that of the more commonly known Nitrous-Oxide boost. It is currently not known how much horsepower these electric engines would produce but together you can expect somewhere around 200 HP.

It will be on sale in he U.S. in 2015. Acura says it will be built in central Ohio in a “unique, advanced manufacturing operation.”

Unlike the $400,000 LFA from Acura's Japanese luxury car competitor, Lexus, the new NSX should be within reach for the only slightly rich, which opens this car up to a much broader market.

This vehicle has already created a huge amount of publicity, showing up in commercials with Jerry Seinfeld as well as appearing in large movies like The Avengers. We just hope that it when it does come out, it lives up to its iconic supercar reputation, and we can’t wait to find out.


  1. I hope the NSX price drops aftr the hype is over

  2. for the price, a GT-R makes way more sense.

    1. GTR will beat it off the line for sure but they are't bringing it back till 2018 :/

  3. stoked . . . sticker-shock . . . $110,000 . . . might be able to buy one in 2021 . . . worth the wait.

  4. Man what a beautiful car. Hope they change that front end up though. It will be sweet to see if Acura/Honda come out with a Type R, Type S, Type S Zero version of the car as well. This coming out will surely up the value of 91-05 models as well.

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