Saturday, August 15, 2015

How budgets go from a used WRX to a McLaren 570S

Wow I can get a used WRX for 20k; 0 – 60 in 5 seconds, that is awesome and perfectly within my budget! It doesn't look half bad, I'll just make sure it has a clean car fax and get a compression test!

But wait brand new WRX with ZERO miles is really only 30k? The warranty will offset most of the cost anyways and they barely depreciate…


Hold on, an STI is ONLY 5k more?? Why would I ever buy a WRX when I'm a few paychecks away from the legendary STi? It even comes with that awesome wing on the back that will let everyone around me know I mean business! For 35k I could walk out the door with a brand new STI! Well I obviously need navigation and leather seats so more like 40k OTD…

Wait, if I'm spending 40k that puts me in m235i range which will SMOKE the STI AND I get a nice German interior! After all what is a car that doesn't look good when you are sitting inside it, which is where you spend most of your driving time anyways. m235i is the best of both worlds...

But at this price instead of being a "poser" with a wannabe m car I can get a legit AMG badge! The CLA45 AMG at a little over 45k is an amazing deal and has thrust and torque for days.

But those cars are WAY too small. Anyone over 5 foot tall can't possibly be comfortable sitting in this tiny clown car.

I’m going to need to have friends in the back when I'm showing off launch control so an Audi S4 at 52k perfectly fits my needs! Sexy, All wheel drive, supercharged what more could you ask for… 

Hang on... the SUPERCAR all new BMW M4 only starts around 64k?? What's that, two more months of work? I could smoke anything I ever came across on the road and never worry about that little kid in his modded 350z again. Lets see.. some nice leather interior, navigation, carbon ceramics, wow this car is 80k OTD, that’s fine a couple thousand more for options isn't THAT big of a deal; wait…I have EIGHTY KAY, you know what costs just about 80k…

A BRAND NEW Porsche Cayman GT4!! Are those even out yet?? I would be the talk of the town! Approached at every gas station. I would daily drive one of the best track cars in the world! However…

With a little more $$$ I could snatch up the new i8. It has all the fancy electric tech of a tesla and looks like something from the distant future, people in the whole city would know me as the guy with the i8. I would roll up to car shows and immediately get ushered to the VIP parking! BUT I’m spending 120k for this car and you are telling me I only get 0 – 60 in 4 seconds?? That’s like only a second less than that crappy wrx I was looking at earlier for a sixth of the cost. That’s a supercar price for non-supercar performance; you know what has supercar performance?

A McLaren 570s, those things are only 170k and I would be stoplight drag racing Buggati Veyrons like no big deal. Don’t even get me started on the sexy looks of this thing! Okay I think that’s it, I didn’t stray too far from my budget right?


Went to the dealer, turns out you have to pay little above MSRP for this thing; that’s fine though I just called the bank which approved me for a 200k mortgage on my… “house” I just bought ;) Little do they know I’m living the dream!


  1. Well that's indeed not a easy decision to switch from WRX to a McLaren 570S.But I must say McLaren 570S is way to better than WRX.

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