Sunday, September 2, 2012

Chrysler 300C SRT8 - 50,000 Dollar Bentley

For those of us who don’t have +100k to spend on an AMG there is another option to still gets us that raw power, yet refined classy look and it is the Chrysler 300c SRT8. The new SRT8 starts at $48,670 which gets you a giant 470 horsepower 6.4 Liter Hemi V-8. This power plant is capable of propelling the Chrysler up to 175 MPH. The SRT8 isn’t as composed as its German completion and doesn’t post quite as good of numbers, but it also costs about half as much. Where the C63 AMG hits 0 - 60 in around 4 seconds, the SRT gets there in 4.7 seconds.

One surprising area that this car excels in is handling. It would humiliate a $300k Bentley in the turns thanks to its perfectly programmed transmission. It holds its revs in turns extremely well never seeming to run out of stamina. The Chrysler 300 has also repeatedly been voted one of the best cruising highway cars on the market for its comfort and chassis which makes the car seem to float over the road.
This car has also been praised for having one of the most classy and unique looks around.

The interior in the previous generation 300 was definitely the weak area of this car. It was bland and looked like it didn't belong in a sub 5 second 0 - 60 car. Chrysler has without a doubt fixed this issue in the new model. As you can see the carbon fiber inlays as well as neon blue lighting add a very refined look to this interior. It is not too complicated, yet still gives you the feel of a $50k sports car.

In the end this car is extremely impressive in its refined interior, road feel, handling, and blistering acceleration; all things we are used to hearing from its German competition, but this time it is an SRT8.


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